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How did this bright little party get started?

We launched Cash Color (the artist formerly known as CC Shirock Paper) in 2017. We, being me—Caitlin Shirock—and a lovely, small team of likeminded folks. In a nutshell, Cash Color is a combination of hand-lettering and heart-led-messages with our love for expressive, bright art. The lovechild is fresh, meaningful art that seeks to carve a colorful dent in the abstract art market.

To say I grew up in a brightly colored home would be an understatement—we’re talking pink chairs and a big, green, floral sofa. Oh, and I painted daisies on the hardwood floors of my room as a child.  Fast forward through years of art classes and camps and I naturally ended up studying Fine Art in college, completed a couple NYC Internships, as well as Design in Grad School in Atlanta.

I designing at large corporations for years. That time taught me a ton about how to run a business and how to work diligently. It’s a big part of why we're here today.

The Cash Color studio is located in Nashville, TN (and, duh, so am I), where I live with my musician husband Scott and an incredible community of ‘framily’ who make being here our favorite!

Although my love for travel is real (I have a huge crush on NYC, among many others), I’m a firm believer that home should be the most lovely, artful space for all the days you spend there.



So that’s what we aim to do with Cash Color. And I may be biased, but it’s the best job ever.


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