The Letter Collection is designed to visually remind you of what’s most important in your life. Maybe you place the letters L-O-V-E on your wall or maybe you place the initials of someone you love. Whatever it is, these unique and abstract art letters will bring brightness and happiness to wherever they’re needed.


start creating your custom art

1: Think of a word that is meaningful to you. (your daughter's initials, the city you just moved to, etc.)

2: Click on the letters that spell out your word and add them to your cart.

3: Check out and BOOM you're done and your framed letters are on their way to your home!


Children in Detroit need art too! With every purchase we are donating to Living Arts in Detroit (because that’s where Caitlin was born and raised).

Partnering with them allows us to help the youth succeed in school, develop artistically, and be confident and collaborative contributors to our world. Thank you for your love and support.