We speak from our heart so that you can speak from yours.

Our passionate goal in everything we do is to enhance your favorite hangout space—your home!—so that those walls tell a story of affirmation and appreciation.


We’re all about creating brighter art and brighter homes. And when we say ‘bright,’ we don’t just mean colors (although, heck yes to bright colors), we also mean inner brightness: joy, positivity, kindness.

Because if you ask us, art can do so much more than just “look cool.” It can be incredibly meaningful; allowing you to express yourself and serving as a timeless tool to get you through tough days.


How did this bright little party get started?

We launched Cash Color (the artist formerly known as CC Shirock Paper) in 2017. We, being me—Caitlin Shirock—and a lovely, small team of likeminded folks. In a nutshell, Cash Color is a combination of my hand-lettering and heart-led-messages with my love for expressive, bright art. The lovechild is fresh, meaningful art that seeks to carve a colorful dent in the abstract art market.

To say I grew up in a brightly colored space would be an understatement—we’re talking pink chairs and a big, green, floral sofa. Oh, and I painted daisies on the hardwood floors of my room as a child.  Fast forward through years of art classes and camps and I naturally ended up studying Fine Art in college in Michigan and Design in Grad School in Atlanta. After school I took a job as a Graphic Designer for Abercrombie & Fitch in Columbus, OH, where i painted sailboats on T-shirts. Really. But that job truly taught me a ton about how to run a business and how to work quickly. It’s a huge part of what gave me the courage to start my own business.  

The Cash Color studio is located in Nashville, TN (and, duh, so am I), where I live with my husband and fur baby.

Although my love for travel is real (I have a huge crush on New York City, among many others), I’m a firm believer that home should be the most lovely, artful space for all the days you spend there.

So that’s what we aim to do with Cash Color. And I may be biased, but it’s the best job ever.

Want to see some works in the wild? Head to the shop page here.